Well, hello!

I’m Mandy, and this site emerged from my own abivalence. I’m a little over halfway to 30 with pieces of life I haven’t quite figured out how to assemble- a husband, a teaching degree, a toddler, a baby, a love for novels, a 26.2 finisher medal. Despite this wealth of fortune, I still often struggle with feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile with my life.  I started this blog to force myself to use what I’ve learned through trial and triumph and total failure- because I know that we’re all doing something, even if we haven’t figured out exactly what yet.

I am a freelancer and a reforming bossypants. I am a former elementary teacher, which means that I am increasingly prone to impulsive purchases of organizational items and doing running records on my 4 year old. After enduring years of torturous exercise, I’ve finally figured out how to become a person who enjoys casual workouts. I don’t believe in counting calories or consuming gluten because I like to eat without hating myself for eating. I snagged a brilliant, handsome husband and we produced two cute troublemakers. I am capable of devouring a mystery novel or Netflix series in a day. I used to live in Michigan where I was ALWAYS too cold, now we live in Colorado and I haven’t determined how cold my toes are yet. My writing can also be found on The Washington Post, RavishlyScary Mommy and Edutopia. And some other places.

Here’s a picture of me in Forrest Gump’s shoes.

Life is like a box of (88% Dark) Chocolates.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Mandy,
    We are having an “election” at our library and I wanted you to know that I got the ideas for the ballot of candidates from YOU. I found a cool article you wrote on Ravishly earlier this year. We are going to have Little Blue Truck, Harold, Mama Llama and Pigeon run against each other. Thanks for the inspiration! We are having the election on Monday, November 7 and the results will be posted on our website and library FB page. Thanks. Elizabeth


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Wow, that’s so great! Glad I could help give you ideas. I hope you have lots of fun with the event! Thanks for contacting me- I’ll be checking to see who wins! 🙂


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