A First Post and a Welcome

Good morning!

It’s a cold, snowy April morning (ugh) and I have taken refuge at a Starbucks table crafted from repurposed wood from Noah’s Ark. I think. All around me, college students comb over notes, gossip with a partner, and scroll idly down their Facebook pages. When I glance around and make contact with their glazed, exhausted eyes, I smile. I was once one of them. In my sweatpants I sat within this very Starbucks sipping a “skinny” 500 calorie drink- tired, awkward, rarely hungover, and unaware that I would one day be writing a blog from the same uncomfortable chair I completed my final bachelor’s assignment in.

Thank you, Alexa.

I am haunted by these ghosts of my former self. Also by the massive amounts of sugar I used to consume in one sitting. But mostly, I am amused and glad I will never have to worry about my grades again. Now I just have to do the easy stuff. Raise a kid, find a job, pay student loans, get in great shape, resist my constant cravings for banana and almond butter… Yeah. Maybe I miss college a little.

This blog was born out of my desire to pursue my own passion of writing, thinking and observing. I am constantly connecting and correcting the way I view the world, whether it’s through the lens of a young woman (I legit almost wrote middle-aged… 25 feels like it sometimes), a mother, a wife, a teacher, or just a regular old person. Life is meant to be loved and enjoyed; it’s my mission to explore, to look at things from a new perspective, to stay positive when it feels like there’s not much to look forward to. Also to write about all of it. So if you, too, are on that constant climb toward happiness, please read, connect, and join me on mine.

Probably you are related to me, since my relatives make up most of my page views. Maybe you knew my previous blog, The Amateur Mom, where I wrote for 3 years about my new-mom experiences. Perhaps you are new or stumbled upon this by accident.

In any case, welcome, thanks for reading, you’re awesome. Now, I’m off to convince myself that this Frappuchino is not a milkshake..


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