Go Outside

Leggings and Lessons from the First Post-Partum Run

Stepping out into the miraculously autumnal morning, my first thoughts do not dwell on the serenity of the sapphire sky, adorned with chirping finches and broken by tall trees with freshly barren branches.

They linger on the uncomfortable realization that I should have chosen different pants.

Go Outside

Confidence and Catching Up from Colorado

Hello! It’s been a bit- on the blog, anyway. I hope I get a pass for having another child, moving across the country, and, well… living my life (And by “living life” I mean doing things like washing the dishes and going to the grocery store and changing diapers and slaying Moblins on the new… Continue reading Confidence and Catching Up from Colorado


Parenting the ‘Challenging’ Kid: A Gymnastics Tale

The gym was filled with prancing girls in leotards moving to the music of their floor routines, frowning coaches in cotton shirts, teenage boys with muscles enviable to comic-book characters, cries and thuds from bodies in motion. The children’s area was adorned with balance beams, vibrantly colored mats, a studded rock wall. Amid an estimated… Continue reading Parenting the ‘Challenging’ Kid: A Gymnastics Tale


Post-Apocalyptic Election Thoughts

This morning, the Internet greeted me with all the caps-lock, period. After. Every. Word. Fury it could muster.  There were posts from people claiming they were “in Hell” about the election. People are”devastated”. Angry. Terrified. Alarmed. Given the crude repertoire of our new president’s vocabulary and his choice words about women and minorities, I can… Continue reading Post-Apocalyptic Election Thoughts